• Arthritis in Older Dogs
    Is your pet starting to show signs of arthritis? Maybe they are young, but had an orthopedic injury. If so, I recommend starting them on Gunners Solution AKA Joint Care Read more
  • Cats: The Masters of Hiding Illness
    CAT LOVERS ALERT! Cats can be very deceptive. It is their nature to hide their illnesses and injuries. One of the easiest things to miss is weight loss. Another thing Read more
  • Tips and tricks for giving your pet their medication
    Treating your pet with their medication is very important, but what if you are struggling to get them to take it? We got some tricks and tips to help make Read more
  • Anal Glands, they stink!
    Today's topic is Anal Glands. Some animals such as dogs and cats have anal glands. These are scent sacs that fill with a substance that helps other animals identify with Read more
  • Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
    Do your Cats seem stressed, or do they seem to be normal? What if it told you that some cats do not really show any outward signs of stress in Read more
  • The Importance of Checking Masses/Lumps
    Have you noticed a lump or bump that has suddenly come up on your pet? Or perhaps it has been there for several months with no real change. I recently Read more
  • Heartworm Treatment,: An Owner's Perspective
    Did you know that heartworms can cause heart failure in dogs? Or that heartworms are spread by mosquitos and not other dogs? How much do you actually know about heartworms? Read more
  • Puppy Training
    Ornery Puppy? Most puppies will try to assert their dominance in your home within just a few weeks. At River's Edge we have some great "Puppy Gentling" training exercises for you Read more
  • Parvo Virus, a Perpetual Threat.
    This is a friendly reminder for our puppies and owners that Parvo virus can lie dormant for over 5 years in the environment ( grass, soil, any contaminated surface). It Read more
  • Early Arthritis Management
    As pets age they begin to have aches and pains in their joints much like humans.  The difference between the two is your beloved fur baby can not tell you Read more
  • Our New Mobile App. Has Now Been Launched!!!
    River's Edge Veterinary Hospital is now on your phone! We here at River's Edge Veterinary Hospital have a new tool to help in the care of your pets. Its an app call Read more
  • Puppy Socialization
                    Socializing your new puppy is very Important to your puppy's future social skills. Also, it is very important to socialize your puppy Read more
  • A memo from Dr. Karla
    Change is the only constant. - Heraclitus Dear River’s Edge Family, I’m not going to write about how much things have changed in the past year or even the past decade. I Read more
  • Icy Weather, Icy Hazards
    With the weather we've had over the past couple of days, and the weather we're supposed to be getting in the next couple of days, I thought I would write Read more
  • Anxiety, A Personal Experience
    Anxious Pets?Did you know that dogs and cats can get have anxiety just like Humans? I personally know just how serious this can be in our pets. My Heeler suffers Read more
  • Flea and Tick Prevention in the Winter
                    Ectoparasites, eww! Let’s take a minute to talk about Fleas and ticks. The weather is getting colder, but this is not the Read more

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