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Environmental Statement

December 1, 2023

The River’s Edge Veterinary Hospital team believes that it is everyone’s responsibility to do what we can to protect the Earth. While we know our impact is relatively small, we are doing what we can to reduce, reuse and recycle the materials and supplies we use to deliver the top quality medicine you have come to expect. You may notice that your purchases are delivered in Walmart or Kroger bags. Your pet’s medication may be placed in a pill bottle that came from Walgreens or another pharmacy.

We also collect all the cardboard, packing materials, paper, plastic containers & caps, aluminum cans and anything else that can be recycled and take it to the recycling center in Paducah, KY several times a month. Please let us know if you have any other ideas about how we can decrease our footprint on our planet. It is our duty to care for the only place that we can call home. 

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