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This place is AMAZING! Brought in our rescue dog Bobo in for a first visit. They checked him and explained everything along the way especially the meds we left with! Not only are the vets great but the staff was very kind and accommodating! And they do dental care too! If you dont have a vet, I highly recommend coming here!

Tami S. L.

My German Shepherd, Red, had some sort painful attack and was in distress. A type of mass was found when an X-ray was done and Dr. Jones at River's Edge performed an ultrasound to find out what was going on. Thankfully, it was his spleen which was able to be removed. It was twisted. They performed the surgery same day and Red is better than ever. He is recovering nicely and I'm so very thankful to the entire staff at River's Edge for taking such wonderful care of him. I feel very blessed I have more time with my boy. Everyone was very kind, understanding, patient, and it did not cost as much as we expected. Bonus! Thank you again.

Marissa K.

Dr Jones is a very knowledgeable and kind Veterinarian. I am very thankful I have him to treat and care for my dog. I appreciate all the staff and feel they all do a great job.

Letitia B.

Very professional staff. Found out our 17 year old chihuahua had an inoperable tumor on her heart that had her esophagus out of place and one of her bronchial tubes almost closed off. My wife had taken her in while I was at work but just couldn't sit through what had to be done. They offered to keep her there until I got off work so someone could be there when she went to sleep. They let me sit with her before and after as long as I needed. I have never had to have this done to any pet as they have all previously passed of old age on their own. They gave me a long list of things that could happen after the shot, but thankfully none of them did. She laid between my arms and laid her head into my hand and went to sleep as if she was just a wore out puppy that played to hard.
Thank you to all the staff that helped through this.

Vincent B.

Dr. Karla is most definitely the most compassionate veterinarian I have ever used. She is also the first emergency vet I ever used. I highly recommend this animal hospital.

Tami S. L.

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