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• Dr. Karla provide 25 years of combined surgical experience. River’s Edge is a regional leader in surgical quality and excellence. We offer many surgical services at our clinic, ranging from routine spays and neuters to advanced procedures like gastropexy, anal gland excision, urogenital modification, and many more!

Our ENTIRE veterinary team takes every precaution so that your pet receives the highest-quality care before, during, and after the procedure. The DOCTORS perform a physical exam on every pet before undergoing anesthesia or sedation. We also strongly encourage pre-anesthetic blood testing before surgery to ensure their system can tolerate anesthesia and to find minor problems that need attention.

We think it is of paramount importance, to monitor every anesthetic patient’s vital signs (heart rate, respiration rate, blood oxygen saturation, blood carbon dioxide concentration, electrocardiogram tracing, blood pressure, and temperature), anesthetic depth, and patient comfort throughout general anesthesia an heavy sedation. All of our surgical patients are on a heated surgical table, to provide consistent temperature management–a huge factor in anesthetic safety. Our anesthetic complication rate is <1%!!!

What sets River's Edge Surgical Services apart from the rest:

  • First and foremost, comprehensive, thorough, anesthetic preparation and monitoring!!!
  • Pre-Anesthetic, pre-surgical physical exams, BY THE DOCTORS!!! Many times, fortunately and unfortunately, our doctors have discovered issues that would have likely caused anesthetic complications during the pre-anesthetic physical exam. Once these issues were addressed, the patients were then able to safely undergo anesthesia. Can you tell we take anesthetic patient safety seriously?!
  • Carbon dioxide surgical cutting lasero Cauterizes blood vessels and nerve endings resulting in less bleeding and less pain around the incision. o Less bleeding means a faster procedure. o The laser reduces post-operative surgical inflammation o The laser obliterates any superficial bacteria around the incision reducing post-operative surgical infection.
  • Efficient surgeons--Dr. Karla has been a large animal surgeon and small animal surgeon since 1996 bringing real world experience from her time teaching at the University of Illinois Agriculture Extension Center and > 10 years of small animal surgery at Rivers Edge has surgical efficiency down to an art–He spays/neuters >1000 animals per year at the McCracken County Humane Society. This shear number of quality surgeries decreases your pet’s total anesthetic time, increases patient safety, and most importantly, reduces post-operative pain and recovery time. Our Doctor will also help you, help him! If your pet needs an uncommon surgery, or needs a surgical procedure that needs referral to a board certified surgeon–but the cost is too high, Our Doctor may be able to help! On a case by case basis, Our Doctor and River’s Edge will work with clients on the limiting the cost of advanced surgical procedures. Call the office for more information.

• Trained Anesthetic Technicians: We have a certified veterinary anesthetic technician on our staff, and the rest of our licensed veterinary technicians are the cream of the crop! The safety of your pet during anesthesia and surgery is their primary responsibility…and they are great at it!

• If you have any more questions about our surgical services, please do not hesitate, call the office for more information!!

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