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Anal Glands, they stink!

Today's topic is Anal Glands. Some animals such as dogs and cats have anal glands. These are scent sacs that fill with a substance that helps other animals identify with the animal it came from. They are located in the skin on both sides of the animal's anus and range from the size of a pea to the size of a small grape, depending on the animal's size. When the animal defecates or "poops" the pressure from the feces helps secrete the material in the sacs releasing build up or pressure. Some animals have a hard time expressing their anal glands on their own. This can cause them to scoot around with their bottom on the floor, excessive licking, and irritation. The anal gland can become infected and abscess if they are not expressed in a timely manner. Your vet and some groomers can express them manually to reduce the chances of this happening. A well balanced diet is a good way to keep stool firm and help the animal express their anal glands on their own. There are also supplements available for animals that tend to struggle with this issue. It can be very uncomfortable for the animal, With an easy solution to minimize the discomfort.

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