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Flea and Tick Prevention in the Winter

                Ectoparasites, eww! Let’s take a minute to talk about Fleas and ticks. The weather is getting colder, but this is not the time to slack off on flea and tick preventions. Year-round flea prevention is paramount in our area. Did you know that only 5% of a flea population lives on the animal? So even though it’s cold outside those pesky critters hitch a nice ride in to the warm and cozy house. Fleas can thrive on all surfaces even hardwood floors. They can live in the cracks of the flooring, carpets, rugs, furniture and bedding. Keeping your pet on flea prevention year-round will prevent infestations in the house. If you have an active flea infestation, it can take upwards of 8 months to clear the problem. To be on the safe side, even though it’s chilly out there, keep those fur babies on prevention.  All indoor only pets also need year-round prevention, fleas can be carried in by your clothing or shoes. Bottom line…  no one is safe from these invasive parasites.

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