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  • Human food--What is safe and unsafe for your pets?
    unsafe food for dogs and cats Read more
  • Gastro...what? Preventing Stomach Bloat and Flipping in Dogs
    Hey pet friends, I know when you see this blog you may want to look at the length of it and skip over it or skim it, BUT PLEASE DON'T. Read more
  • Parvo---cases are on the rise.
    At River's Edge we have been seeing more and more cases of Parvo lately in puppies. Parvo virus is a very contagious and life threatening virus for dogs and especially Read more
  • Vet Visits and Stress---We've Got the Answers!
    Going to the vet doesn't have to be scary! Have a pet who is a sweetheart at home, but a terror at the vet office? It doesn't have to be that Read more
  • Brrr....It's getting cold out!
    When the weather turns cold, our furry outdoor feline friends start looking for a warm place to rest. Be careful when you start your vehicle and make sure your little Read more
  • Raw Eggs for Coat Health?
    Raw Eggs - A No-Go You might have heard or read that giving your dogs raw eggs help make their coats healthy and shiny. We here at River's Edge don't recommend Read more
  • Year Round Heartworm Prevention
    As autumn is barreling along in full force I thought I would take a minute to remind everyone that even though the call of the cicadas is winding down and Read more
  • Rat and Mouse Poison---A bad idea.
    As fall comes, there are many rodents that are looking for warm places to live. Our homes, garages, barns, and sheds are great places for them. None of us like Read more
  • In-Depth Dental Information
    Have you ever taken the time to really take a look in the mouth of your pet? What you see may surprise you. About 85% of pets have periodontal disease Read more
  • Senior Pets and Behavioral Changes, a Personal Experience
    As a Senior pet owner, I would like to stress the importance of watching any changes in your older fur baby’s behavior.  I have a sweet Vizsla named CoCo who Read more
  • Ewww, Parasites!
    Do your pets take a monthly, bi-yearly, or even a yearly heartworm and intestinal parasite preventative? If not, they should!!! Parasites are all around us. Did you know that Heartworms Read more
  • Good reasons to spay and neuter your pets
    I have recently learned that dogs and cats who are not spayed are more likely to develop uterine cancer. Also dogs and cats who are not neutered are more likely Read more
  • Vacation Preparedness
    Vacation time with your pet can be a fun adventure. For ourselves we prepare our itinerary, we pack our clothes accordingly, and clean out the car.  Then, we organize our Read more
  • Wait, I need to have my pet's teeth cleaned?!
    Dental Know-HowDid you know that dogs and cats need their teeth professional cleaned just like people do? When I first started at River's Edge Veterinary Clinic as a receptionist, it Read more
  • Inventory Awareness
    Have you ever come in for a refill on one of your pet’s medications? Have you gotten it and noticed it looks different than it did before? Please feel free Read more
  • Why is my dog itchy and scratching?!
    A brief overview of seasonal and food allergies Read more

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