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Puppy Training

Ornery Puppy?

Most puppies will try to assert their dominance in your home within just a few weeks. At River's Edge we have some great "Puppy Gentling" training exercises for you to do at home with your puppy. These exercises will help your puppy understand that you are the "Alpha" of the home and not them. You will be giving the puppy gentling handout when visiting River's Edge with your puppy for the first time. One of these exercises is called the "Baby Cradle", Which I'm sure we have all cradled our puppy like a baby before, When doing this exercise you will want to place your puppy on their back in your arm. With your other are you will place your hand on the puppies chest to help hold them steady. They will more than likely begin to fuss and possibly call out from frustration. Continue to hold your puppy there until they relax and you feel a little "sigh" of relief. Making sure that you perform this and the other puppy exercises will not only help you have a better behaving puppy at home but also hopefully making there visits with us less frightening as well.

Please see this article about training basics for puppies for more information.  


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